unmade bed from wetting

Bedwetting: 7 Terms to Know

Although bedwetting ceases in most children by age seven, a very small percentage of kids continue after age eight. Here are a few terms to help you understand bedwetting. 

freshly made bed after bedwetting

Side Effects of Bedwetting

Nocturnal enuresis is the involuntary release of urine while sleeping in children. While you may wonder what is causing the bedwetting, it's equally important to consider what is the bedwetting causing.

unmade bed from bedwetting

Is Some Bedwetting Normal?

Since every child is different, there isn’t necessarily a perfect “normal” for many milestones, as children tend to develop on their own terms. But ultimately, yes, some bedwetting is perfectly normal.

attorney working at desk with scales

Employment Law: 10 Terms to Know

If you’ve had to hire a labor law attorney, you may already be extremely stressed. Legalese can only make things more difficult, but learning these 10 terms will help you understand more without additional anxiety.

Paperwork to file a divorce

Filing for Divorce: A Lawyer's Role

When you're preparing to file a divorce, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of the first items on your to-do list should be to get a lawyer to help you, especially if you have children or valuable property.

Couple meeting with a new family lawyer

7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Family Lawyer

Finding the best family lawyer to represent you is a long process. You need to find the best attorney who can do the most for you in court. Ask your prospective attorney these seven questions.

Germs on an office phone

10 Places Germs are Hiding in the Office

The one place you should be safe from germs is your workplace, right? Sorry, but your office is a breeding ground for bacteria. Here are 10 places you are going to want to seriously disinfect.

Closeup of computer keyboard

Top 6 Jobs for People with Typing Skills

If you're an excellent typist, you can make money with your skills. Some jobs even allow you to work from home. If you want to use your typing skills to earn some money, here are the top 10 jobs for great typists.

medical files

Skills and Traits Required for Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding specialists are responsible for making sure patient information is properly logged for insurance purposes. This role requires a variety of specific skills and valuable personality traits.

Gorgeous fall leaves can be found from New York to Colorado.

14 Fall Foliage Destinations to See Changing Leaves

All across the country, people wait for the crisp wind of autumn because they know what follows: gorgeous foliage. These must-see destinations, however, are prime examples for this beautiful phenomenon.

A small church on the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt.

10 Spiritual Destinations in the Holy Land

In the Middle East, Biblical and historic record meld and merge in fascinating ways. Some of these sites are where we know for sure that historical events took place, but others are, however widely accepted, still just a guess.

Not everyone is a fan of the natural beauty of the US National Park System.

Bizarre One-Star Complaints of National Parks

National parks are supposed to be a celebration of this country’s diverse and gorgeous landscapes, from lush mountain forests to isolated deserts. Some people, however, go to these parks and feel so strongly disappointed that they must vocalize it.

A Casablanca still

10 Black and White Movies Everyone Should See At Least Once

Many of these black and white movies are so good that you don't even notice the lack of color. Here are 10 that everyone should see at least once!

A Yellow Submarine Screenshot

10 Groovy Movies That Will Take You Back to the 60s

If you want to relive the era or if you were too young and missed it the first time, here are 10 groovy movies that will take you back to the 60s!

Some bold makeup choices

10 Youthful Beauty Routines You Should Keep After 45

Society often tries to dictate what beauty routines women can and cannot keep as they age, but there’s no better way to stay young at heart than to embrace youthful beauty habits!

Student in the 80s wears a sleeveless top

8 Fashion Trends Your Mom Rocked at School (But You Can't)

You’ve probably heard your parents talk about “the good old days” when candy bars were only a nickel and everyone left their doors unlocked. Your parents also had one other benefit that we don’t have today: wearing these eight items to school without severe, humiliating punishment.

worst fictional teacher

10 Worst Teachers in Fictional History

You've probably had some really bad teachers in real life, but can they even compare to these awful fictional teachers? Read about these 10 terrible made-up teachers who put our worst experiences to shame.

Education button on a keyboard

Top 5 Online Homeschooling Websites

The Internet has revolutionized almost every area of daily life, and homeschooling is no exception. As a parent, you can choose from many homeschool online curriculums and programs. Here are five of the best homeschool websites available.

5 Cars with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto let you display your smartphone through your dash and play your favorite music. Even though it’s new, the technology is spreading fast. Here are five great candidates for having this technology in your next car.

4 Minivans with Collision Warning

Getting a minivan that’s perfect for your family and safe can be tough, but some vehicles help prevent accidents with collision detection warnings. These are some of the best minivans with this feature and more.

Best Tires for Your Prius

The Prius is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market, but a quality set of tires can bring your gas mileage from good to great. These are some of the tires for you to put on your Prius to fill up less and save.

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